5 Essential Elements For lingerie

DRAGON'S TONGUE: An abnormal type of whip consisting of the tackle, typically made of Wooden and wrapped with leather, along with a lash manufactured from a single wide bit of leather or suede wrapped around An additional, thinner suede lash.

Various lovely Girls fucking their male submissives in all conceivable approaches involving strap-on action.

MILKING Adhere: A tool precisely supposed for milking (def. 1), normally consisting of the teardrop-shaped object regarding the dimensions of a thumb on the end of the rigid rod, that is inserted in to the anus and pressed towards the prostate.

DOMINANT: A one who assumes a task of ability or authority in a power exchange connection. A dominant will take psychological Handle in excess of or has ability more than One more man or woman, and may, for instance, give that particular person orders that are to get obeyed. Contrast

Made use of as Element of cock and ball torture inside a BDSM romance, the parachute gives a constant drag, in addition to a squeezing effect on the testicles. Moderate weights of 3–five kg can be suspended, In particular through bondage, even though sometimes A great deal heavier weights are utilised.

HUCOW: A person into lactation and milking being an erotic fetish; especially, milking via pumps or other machines. Etymology: "hucow" is really a portmanteau of "human cow."

FEEDER GAG: one. Any gag created to maintain the mouth open to ensure that the individual donning the gag has no choice but to accept just about anything that's positioned within the mouth. 2. See

COCK BOARD also,, CBT BOARD: A flat piece of Wooden or metallic with a gap in it that may be positioned about the hips of a person lying on his again, making sure that his penis extends throughout the hole.

HOOD: Any masking created to go around The additional info top, generally partly or entirely covering the experience too.

Gifted riggers can receive a living by promoting pictures in their get the job done to Publications or Web pages which cater to bondage fans, producing textbooks on the subject, Operating for bondage-related Web sites, and the like.

Life style: one. Colloquial; typically "the lifestyle" Of or pertaining to involvement in BDSM, as in How much time have you been in the lifestyle?

SENSUAL DOMINATION: domination in which the dominant partner engages in things to do built to remember to the submissive spouse.

SELF-BONDAGE: The act or practice of tying just one's self up or usually restraining one particular's self, occasionally as being a Section of masturbation.

SMOTHERBOX: A lockable box, frequently padded with leather, built to be locked around The pinnacle of the submissive and useful for queening. The smotherbox contains a sizable opening which exposes the submissive's deal with, allowing the dominant to straddle or sit on the box.

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